“I would prefer not to” Seminar

How can we refuse work if it becomes redundant soon anyway; is increasingly being taken over by machines and algorithms, is un(der)paid and/or drives us in burn-outs?

We ask ourselves: Is our work ethic still up-to-date or do we know nothing better to do with our time? We follow the path of anti-worker Bartleby (“I would prefer not to”), read theories and turn Novartis annual reports into poetry. Together we discuss strategies of refusal and manifest our experiences in terms of work resistance. Who, if not us – with our artistic-creative professions – should discuss future creative professions, think about work, think it differently or at least prepare ourselves to say goodbye to it?

This seminar was held together with Ariane Koch at Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW Basel/Switzerland.
September–December 2019