‘Voices in Kyiv’ by Catherine Gfeller

“Following her stay in Kyiv in May 2017, the Swiss artist, Catherine Gfeller, offers a creative interpretation of the city, where she engages, visually and acoustically, in a dialogue with people she met there – writers, journalists, architects. “The Voice is Freedom” – the protesters chanted in 2014 on Maidan. The voice is life. Life is movement, and 
it is this movement, these voices that Catherine is trying to present through different media: photographs, videos, audio recordings. Apart from life, the voice is also poetry and politics. It has a strong symbolic power. During the tragic events of 2014, Ukrainian poets were reciting and speaking. Words against bullets.” Marie-Eve Celio

Text contributions by Guillaume Scheurer, Vitali Klytshko, Andriy Kurkov and Marie-Eve Celio.